New Year, New Me, New Desk

Happy New Year! Let’s be honest, 2021 was an absolute freak show. I thought it couldn’t get any worse than 2020, and then by the second week of 2021 it said, “hold my beer” and the rest was history. It was a rough ride all the way through. Although the growing pains of last year were real af, I’ve always seen first-hand that pressure creates diamonds. I posted a reflection on my instagram last week that summarized my year maybe a little more eloquently…

These last two years have truly taught me that I can’t control a damn thing and I need to stop trying to. Life is life, God is God, and I’m just here to learn the lessons, have faith and serve others to the best of my ability.

Buuuuut You know what I CAN control? My space and who and what I surround myself with. That’s what brings me to my next point: my desk!

I popped on here to give you some little tips on how to create a workspace that will serve you well this new year- because after-all, most of us do spend 8 hours a day there. {If you are WFH, I also have some tips here on how to set your space up for success.} It always blows my mind when I see people with a dark, boring, messy workspace. It is so crucial for productivity, creativity and mental health to surround yourself with light, nature and organization. This is what I have found has worked for me…

This post may contain affiliate links. All products I actually use on the daily.

My Office Go-to’s:

-First things first (i’m the realest- ew, sorry couldn’t resist): plants. I have never had a major green thumb…usually within the first week of getting a new plant, it dies. BUT NOT 2022 AB. Over the last several months, I have grown my collection of real, live plants- everything from orchids, to succulents, to idk whats. I keep them on my window sill at work and make sure to water them every Monday to kick off my week on a productive note. There are so many benefits to surrounding yourself with live plants, but some more about that here.

Next up- office supplies. If you don’t have cute office supplies– are you setting yourself for success? The answer is immediately no. No, you’re not. Here are some of my faves:

  • The cutest marble whiteboard. I keep this at my office door to write everything from quotes to do-not-disturbs- jahfeel?
  • An under-desk cable management tray. Few things worse than cables everywhere bumpin’ your legs and getting in the way. Ain’t nobody got time.
  • A cute mousepad. I’m sensing a marble theme…
  • A Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I work on my macbook at work, but I house sat one time and they had a bluetooth keyboard, mouse and monitor to connect to their laptop and I’ve never turned back since. It is a game changer and I wouldn’t be able to do all the visual social media work I do for clients without it.
  • This laptop stand is something I can’t live without. I don’t know why this piece of equipment is so crucial to my day-to-day success, but it is. I think it’s because it raises my laptop to the same eye level as my second monitor???
  • This is the little stand I put my second monitor on. It’s perfect for me because I don’t keep any papers on my desk in an effort to keep my space clean, so the drawer really comes in handy for sticky notes, business cards, etc.
  • Pen, scissor, and paperclip organizer…but make it cute.
  • A good, reliable planner to stay organized. These ones are my favorite because not only are they digital, but they are also beautiful, affordable, colorful and soo detailed! *Use code ‘ABRIELLE10’ at checkout to get 10% off!*
  • A charging station dock. My phone and computer constantly die- especially working in social media- so it’s crucial that I have a charging station at my desk at all times. This one is cute, trendy and useful!
  • Tabletop fountain with candles. No, for real, I have this exact one my desk and it is soo calming. Who says you can’t make your office the most zen, chill place ever? Do it and thank me later.
  • This oil diffuser is an absolute lifesaver for me. Each morning I fill it with filtered water and add in 5 drops of lemongrass and it immediately brings me joy.

Lastly, always be the one with the candy jar. Not only does it open you up to conversation (if you want that), but it gives you a way to bring others joy, you get to choose the candy, and you are never too far from a good snack.

I hope some of my office go-to tips come in handy for you and ultimately bring you the simple joy they bring me. I would love to see your daily workspace- feel free to share a picture in the comments below! And as for the new year, if you also had a hard year last year, I feel you, I see you and cheers to a happy, healthy, inspiring, organized and healing 2022.


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