Wash Those Makeup Brushes, Sista.

Let’s be real for a min…how many times a month (or dare we say year) do you wash your makeup brushes??

I will be the first to volunteer as tribute and say I don’t wash them NEARLY enough. But it is sooo important considering a shocking experiment Byrdie recently conducted with a couple recently cleaned makeup brushes and some petrie dishes…yuck!

With that being said, when doing this, it is crucial that you use a natural disinfectant such as distilled vinegar and dawn dish soap.

If you didn’t read my rather long-winded bio, I was a co-host on a morning TV show where I covered everything from trending news to DIY’s. One of my DIY’s {above} was how to properly clean your makeup brushes.

What you need:

-2 tablespoons distilled white vinegar or apple cider vinegar
-1 tablespoon water
-Several drops of dawn dish cleaner
-Glass cups
-Paper towels


  1. Soak your makeup brushes in vinegar & water for an hour or overnight {note: if you have wooden makeup brushes put the vinegar/water mixture low enough that it doesn’t split the wood}.
  2. Fill a glass with hot water and put several drops of dawn dish soap in there and mix. Put your makeup brush {or several at a time} in there and swirl around.
  3. Take one brush out at a time and swirl them around on the paper towel {clockwise as to not ruin the bristles} until all the makeup comes off.
  4. Rinse your brush with water.
  5. Repeat if necessary.

With a good makeup brush, every woman can be an artist.

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