3 Quick, Simple Hairstyles

Are you the type of person that washes their hair everyday??? To be honest I am definitely not. I wash my hair 2/3x a week (don’t judge me, I still shower my body 2x a day- LOL). I got my hair bleached a year ago and it started falling out/breaking off like crazy so I am in the process of nursing it back to health and they say in order to do so, lay off the excessive shampooing.

Any who, not washing your hair often shouldn’t stop you from looking professional, clean and put together. That’s where these cute, quick hairstyles come into play (& the BEST smelling dry shampoo in the game). Ask my co-workers (and husband), I LIVE in these ponytails on the daily.

What you need:

The How-To:

See?! Aren’t those the easiest, quickest, simplest hairstyles in the world?! And the best part, they keep your hair out of your face, they stay all day, hide your dirty hair and take two mins MAX.

The Wrap Around Bubble Pony:

The Wrap Around Braid Pony:

The Classic Wrap Around Low Pony:

Dry shampoo is like coffee for your hair. Both necessary AF.

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