Amazon Must-haves pt. 2: Camping Edition

You either love camping, or you hate it. I, for one, am in the LOVEE it category.

From someone who works in an office at a computer 24/7, there truly is nothing like getting away to the woods to escape it all. There is just something so peaceful to me about being one with nature {sans bugs}.

But my love for camping has also come from learning to be prepared, through trial and error. I have been camping more times than I can count and therefore have learned what I absolutely can and can’t live without when it comes to my packing list. All of what you need comes from Amazon and for a great price. Hellooo next day delivery- if you’re looking for a sign to go camping this weekend, this just might be it. 😉

My Camping 101 Packing List (Plus links to buy)

  • A good tent. This is an absolute MUST-have. Space, durability and easy set up is what you need to pay attention to when looking for a tent. You don’t have a break the bank to find a good one that will last you for years!
  • A propane stove. Burgers, hotdogs and bacon, egg and cheese brekky burritos are a no negotiable when camping. #CanIGetAnAmen
  • Bug Spray. Let’s not even discuss this one…
  • A good sleeping bag- preferably goose feather. Don’t make the mistake we made last time we went camping and froze our peaches off when the day temp was 70 and beautiful and the night time temp dropped to 25 degrees. That aged me…
  • Some sturdy folding chairs. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more on some oversized chairs, we originally bought those $5 dollar Walmart ones and quickly learned that good chairs are worth it due to being your only place to really sit while camping.
  • Head lamps. An absolute must- not only for the evening time, but for those middle-of-the-night-omg-I-have-to-pee moments…in the middle of the woods…in the pitch black. Thank me later.
  • A tree-to-tree hammock. Okay, this one isn’t a must have, but it sure is a fun place to nug or drink your coffee!
  • Silk sleep mask. This is as boujie as we (i) get…but it does help me sleep when the sun starts coming out super bright and early shining through your tent.
  • A large cooler. A good, large cooler is a game changer and absolutely necessary because not only does it have to store all of your food and water, but it is also in charge of keeping your boozy bevs cold- duhhh priority #1.
  • Lanterns. Hang that ish on a tree branch near by and you’re good for the night.
  • Tripod. Love it or hate it, memories need to be captured and when you’re with the fam and pups a tripod is necessito. Because let’s be honest, no one has long enough arms to capture each cute lil face involved.
  • Twinkle lights. Don’t get me wrong, most definitely not a necessity, but so dreamy and romantic. One time when we went camping, we were on a fire ban in AZ, so the only thing we had to do was play cards in the tent (because holyyyyy bugs with no camp fire) and those twinkle lights made the entire experience so special.

This round up certainly isn’t everything when it comes to camping, but it is def a great start to dip your toes into the good life. Enjoy!

From one of our favorite camping trips ever!


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