How to Make Your Temporary Home “Homey”

“We’re here for the time-being, but it’s not our home.”

I’m sure a lot of you baseball wives/girlfriends, or actually just anyone right now with the whole COVID situation going on can relate with the phrase above.

The quick low down on our story: we moved from our beautiful apartment that was home for 3+ years to my parent’s house, so we could leave for baseball season/spring training shortly after. Long story short, my husband went to spring training only to turn back around (31 hour drive) a minuscule 12 days later due to corona virus. This left us scrambling to recalibrate our lives in more ways than one. With no end date to this stay-at-home order in sight, we ended up finding a cute, temporary apartment to live in for a couple (???) months until baseball season gets back.

Now, although I am flexible on where we live and look at each new place as a clean slate, I also am a bit of a homebody and like my space to be comf & homey (and can we be real here, not trying to live in a frat house LOL). So once we moved into this new, furnished place there were a couple of things I did to sprinkle a bit of “us” into it.

A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.


1. I threw the shower curtain liner into the washer.
Girls, you know…guys wouldn’t look twice at a shower curtain that has built up scum from the bottom up. But let me tell ya, it was SCREAMING at me every time I took a shower in this new, foreign place. Easy fix- I sprayed some Oxyclean (my go-to for EVERYTHING- click to buy) on it and threw it in the washer/dryer on hot and viola! Bye stranger germs.

2. I lit my favorite candle.
You know how they say scents are closely linked with memories? I find that to be true beyond reason. One thing that made this apartment feel like ours was lighting my favorite candle which is this Votivo Aromatic Candle – Spiced Chai. I can’t even tell you how good this candle smells- it has chai spices, creamy pumpkin, vanilla, amber, sweet resin & sandalwood- YUM. Whenever I light it and have people over, they always ask what the scent is. Another tip- I grabbed a couple of unscented small tea light candles leftover from our wedding reception and threw those in some tea light candle holders for ambiance.

3. We went to our storage unit (remember we just moved all of our stuff out for a cross country move :))) how fun!) and got our favorite household item go-tos.
This list included:
Our KitchenAid
-Our everyday cooking utensils
Our Breville juicer
-Our bathroom rugs
Our vacuum (for the crumbs- obvi)
Pots and pans
Our Bonavita coffee maker (hands down, the best coffee maker I have ever owned)
Our Instapot (anyone else obsessed???)

4. Blankets, blankets, blankets.
We’re huge cozy people. If we could show up to social events with a huge, fuzzy blanket wrapped around us, we would (cept lbh now we can w/ quarantine- never leaving my sweats). We grabbed one of our favorite, massive blankets to bring to the apartment so we could Netflix and chill in comfort.

5. Fresh flowers- always.
I swoon- Ty always surprises me fresh flowers and without a doubt they freshen up any space with their beauty and scent. So, no matter your situation, grab a vase or mason jar, throw some fresh wild flowers in there and I promise you, you will transform your space.

6. Last but not least- although they had a bomb TV, they didn’t have OUR Roku TV…
We just needed to bring it- especially with this stay-at-home order- Netflix & Sling FTW.

All in all, no matter what space you are in, a couple quick changes will make all the difference. From candles for ambiance/familiar scent to your familiar cooking utensils, to cozy blankets- you got this gf.


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